La Luz, (The Light), a carbonated series of architectural installations inside the Museo Convento De Santo Domingo Qorikancha, Cuzco, Peru; August 10-31 2012.

In pre-Columbian times, the temple was sheathed in gold plates and its chambers filled with masterpieces of Inca metal work, pieces that were destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors.

My intervention, “La Luz” inside the former Inca temple paid tribute to the past glories of this important site via the installation of hundreds of bottles of Peruvian soda (more than 600kg worth).

The most popular local soft drinks in Peru are a brilliant yellow color and I used these, in combination with ambient light, to recreate the golden light that shone inside the temple. 

On the last day of the exhibition, the public was invited to take sections of the work home with them so that no traces of it would remain.